Apple announced new iPhone in Cupertino Campus

new iPhone
new iPhone

This time Apple is rumored to be announced new iPhone in one of the buildings on the Cupertino campus. Selection of Apple's headquarters is the first in the history of the gadgets company.

Because in reality, Apple has always carry the show by announcing its newest product in the large hall in downtown San Francisco. If correct, this is a big event ever made by Apple but with a small room.

This rumors circulated after sources close to the company spoke to the Wall Street Journal, including the same publication that claimed earlier this month that Apple will hold a ceremony on Tuesday, October 4.

But unfortunately, the source was not told why Apple has chosen not to continue the tradition of renting a big place like San Francisco's Moscone Center or Yerba Buena Center for Arts (YBCA). Although reportedly dated October 4 was chosen so as not to coincide with Oracle OpenWorld conference, held at the Moscone Center from 2 to 6 October 2011.

"Maybe the release date clash with other events, so booking a large space such as (YBCA) is not used as to introduce the product in the past," the source said, as reported by Apple Insider, Tuesday (September 27, 2011).

"Maybe, companies feel more intimate place is best to first new media event conducted by Apple's new CEO Tim Cook," he continued

In contrast to YBCA and the Moscone Center, which can accommodate thousands of guests, the Apple Town Hall Auditorium can accommodate only a few people, so the possibility journalist involved is fairly limited.
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