Apple plans to Sell iPhone 5 on October

iPhone 5
According to latest techno source, Apple plans to sell the iPhone 5 on October. Mentioned, Apple will begin to roll out pre-orders for new handsets that are sought after it began in late September.

Quoted from Pocket-Lint, August 20, 2011, 9to5Mac stated that they had heard the news of the sale of the product on October 7, from a source of 'independent' although other sources are still doubting between September 7 or October 14.

However, it is estimated that October 7 is the date that is more possible, because the manufacturers have been well prepared.

In addition, the news circulated, on that day, not just iPhone 5 are outstanding. Reportedly, there are handsets that are present both on the same day. Although Apple has never done this before, but chances are the second product has a size smaller, cheaper, and probably also intended for prepaid customers.

From the information that has been circulating on the Internet, touted iPhone 5 is a smartphone with dual core processor A5, supports voice-based navigation, had an 8 megapixel camera, and have the ability to panoramic photography.

Predicted, there will be lines at every Apple stores around the world. However, unfortunately, in plain English, the launch of Apple's coincided with the rainy season in October. Pocket-Lint suggested, bring an umbrella before buying Apple, hehee...
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