Apple update iOS to integrate Baidu

iOS update

This time, according to a source in China, iOS will soon gain support for China local search, which is Baidu. This as quoted from Sina Tech by Tech In Asia that Apple will introduce an update to iOS that integrates search function from Baidu.

Even so, not yet certain whether such services only as an adjunct to the iOS device. Meanwhile, considering that Baidu is heading a step ahead of Google with the search controls 83.6 percent in China, most likely achievement will also provide opportunities to reduce the use of Google among iOS device users in China.

As quoted from The Next Web, March 27, 2012 Apple has made a sustained effort to move away from dependence on Google. One example is to launch the new iPhoto to iOS, which is no longer rely on Google Maps. To help reduce the use of Google products on the iPhone and the iPad, Apple also relies on the Siri, the Microsoft search engine Bing, and others.

See the likes of Apple products in China from the existing graphics and CEO of Apple, Tim Cook also stated that the market is important for the company. Moreover there is the possibility of Apple's market share in the Bamboo Curtain country will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, Apple's move to integrate the Baidu makes sense because it has started to support local sharing option in China through the Mac OS, Mountain Lion. Localization is an important factor for smartphone imports in China. It aims to adjust the local social network support and services.
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