Yahoo Meme service will close in April

Yahoo Meme service
Yahoo Meme

Did you know, Yahoo Meme a social network owned by Yahoo, now in a state of dying and getting last the service. Yahoo has announced it will immediately close the microblogging service is 25 April 2012.

The news of this closure was announced to all account Yahoo Meme user. Social networking is known by the name of Yahoo Meme was also given a closure announcement.
"Important: Meme will be discontinued on May 25, 2012
Unfortunately, it was time to part with Meme.
As part of its commitment to deliver Yahoo! content and Web tools that are useful for many people, we prioritize the portfolio so that we can focus on core strengths and new innovation.
Please understand what will happen later. "

Although not mentioned in the announcement, the failure of Yahoo Meme attract users thought to be the reason for the closure of this service. The fate of microblogging is like following in the footsteps senior, Google Buzz, which was closed after failing to attract the lovers of social networking.

Yahoo Meme was first launched in August 2009. This service is available in multiple languages​​, likely Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese, and Indonesia.

So for you the users of Yahoo Meme, you still have time until 25 April for posting. After that, Yahoo will make it a microblogging service in a state of read-only mode.

This means users will not receive a Meme, posting, or new comments. Yahoo Meme users still have the opportunity to move the content they already post until late May. After that, Yahoo will close a total of all Yahoo Meme accounts.
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