Instagram application on Android


Recently, good news for Android users who love the photo sharing applications. If previously could only be enjoyed in the IOS operating system, now the most popular photo-sharing application Instagram, ready to present on Android.

Instagram immediately grab marks, is to open a sort of user registration for free. Registration is intended to provide an opportunity for Android users to be the first line of Instagram users in the Google's operating system.

Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger said Instagram will come gradually. Starting from the southern region in the Southwest region at the beginning of the month.

"In some ways, it's better than IOS applications. This is crazy," he said as quoted from page Systrom CNet.

Until now there has been no official announcement when exactly Instagram for Android to be released, including the beta version. In the form of registration or sign-up is also not described in detail.

instagram application
instagram application

When you send email the registration form, there would only reply: "Thank you for registering. We will soon be connected."

Although the user base has surpassed 27 million users in a matter of one and a half years since its launch in 2010, Systrom says ready to raise the level of social photo next application. In an interview with Sarah Lacy at the West Ignition, Kevin Systrom revealed that the amount of 27 million users is not enough to Instagram.

"This is far from the scale you need to create a large mass of business," he said, as quoted from Digitaltrends.

Kevin Systrom also claimed to have been looking for a user base of up to 270 million. "With the adoption rate of one million users per week, and on the verge of launching Android applications, (target) is on the way," he said.

He also plans to develop a machine Instagram moneymaker to use it as an advertising medium in the integration.

Instagram application success on the Apple device makes Instagram won the title of "App of the Year" in 2011. Much of this growth, says Krieger and Systrom, also due to the launch of the iPhone 4S.
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