Nokia and Microsoft launch AppCampus for mobile application program

mobile application
mobile application

Recently, Nokia and Microsoft announced that they will each invest up to nine million euros (USD11,9 million) for the project AppCampus, which is a new mobile application development program.

As quoted from The Verge, (March 26, 2012), based in Finland, the program will be launched in May and is managed by the Aalto University. Microsoft and Nokia hopes to attract students and entrepreneurs from around the world on a Windows phone platform and the Symbian S40.

Although Nokia's decision to switch to Windows Phone in most of the Nokia smartphone, ecosystem that Microsoft mobile application was slow to attract big names.

At present in approximately 70 000 existing applications on Windows Phone Marketplace, there has been no popular titles like Angry Birds Space, Draw Something, and Instagram.

Apparently, the developers are still marking the platform in a low priority. Public investments that Microsoft is a sign that the company is headquartered in Redmond was to reverse the serious developers.

With support, training and even the available funds, the investment might not be a $ 200 million "iFund" for the Apple IOS platform, but the president of Microsoft in Europe as part of an effort to judge a new page in the mobile industry.
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