Tim Cook better than Steve Jobs as Apple CEO

Tim Cook with Steve Jobs
Tim Cook

According to a poll of Apple employees, new Apple CEO Tim Cook did a better job than his predecessor, Steve Jobs. Poll by job site, Glassdoor.com is providing 97 Tim approval, two points higher than Jobs.

As quoted from DailyMail (April 01, 2012), Tim Cook's ranking for a period from March 2011 until March 2012, while for Steve Jobs during March 2010 to March 2011.
"To be fair, 2 percent difference is small enough gap, especially when you consider how long Jobs lead and Tim C the newly seated in that position," said Blogger, OM Malik, who reported statistics.

Tim Cook is still in a period of 'honeymoon', because only seven months holds his official duties as CEO.

Tim Cook has led the company founded by Steve Jobs during a period of great growth. Meanwhile, approval ratings for Tim C was also higher than the CEO of other technology companies, such as Larry Page (94 percent) from Google, and Paul Jacobs (95 percent) at Qualcomm.
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