Memorable Moments Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs apple
Steve Jobs apple

The facts, late Steve Jobs successfully created a new trend in the technology world, be it a cell phone and internet. In addition to an innovator, Steve Jobs also renowned expert in presenting its findings goods.

With her trademark is wearing a black long sleeve collared shirt, turtle neck and jeans, Steve Jobs amaze people with how to introduce Apple's flagship product.

Here are memorable moments Steve Jobs when presentations and interviews, as the CNN version:

- iPhone, versatile devices.
In 2007, standing on stage Steve Jobs said he will introduce three revolutionary products in its class. "First, a widescreen iPod with touch function. Second, a revolutionary mobile phone. Third, cutting-edge internet communications tool," said Steve Jobs.

Directly behind the screen displayed three symbols that spin devices and merge into one. Steve Jobs smile. "You understand? This is not three separate devices. This is one tool, and we call it the iPhone," Jobs said.

- Welcome to the Apple Store
Some experts say a store that sells only one brand of products is a bad idea, but not so with Steve Jobs.

In 2001, Steve Jobs introduced the concept store that sells only Apple products from these companies. In a video, Steve Jobs was seen walking into the first Apple store in Virginia. This is Apple's first store of the 300 others around the world.

This store not only sells, said Steve Jobs, but also provide input devices and solutions need to guess what day-to-day. "Literally, half of the store is tasked to provide solutions. Because people do not just buy a computer, but they want to know what they can do with computer," said Jobs.

- iPad is magic
"It's incredible, riveting, can not be trusted. It's a dream," that the words of Steve Jobs in 2010 when it introduced the iPad, a tablet computer from Apple's latest innovations.

He said buyers are not buying goods iPad, but a particularly close relationship with these devices. "It's more intimate than a laptop," he said.

iPad hard sell in the market. Currently, the iPad get 90 percent of the profits from sales of tablet computers throughout the world.

- Graduation
In a graduation speech at the graduation ceremony at Stanford University in 2005, Steve Jobs gave the discourse to the scholars for not wasting their lives. This is a rare moment, when Steve Jobs spoke in public, not to introduce its products.

In his speech, Jobs tells his life full of twists and turns. He claimed that adoption is the child who had never attended school because there is no fee. Now, he's become one of the world's billionaires who dropped out.

In addition, he also said threatened with pancreatic cancer and died. "Your time is limited, do not waste it by being you do not want," he said.

- Tablet computers? What the heck is it?
In the digital conference in 2007, Steve Jobs along with Microsoft founder Bill Gates was interviewed together. In the interview, Gates said that the future of the computer is a tablet computer. Gates himself took him everywhere.

Steve Jobs was then looked puzzled when Gates said tablet. His face is like asking, what is the tablet computer. When asked about the future of tablet computers, Jobs said was, "PC proved to be very tough."

Interview was conducted two years before Apple introduced the iPad. However, it is difficult to understand why an innovator of advanced electronic devices do not know or have a tablet computer.
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