Android Application Developers Competition by Acer

Today Android users in Asia, include Singapore and Indonesia have developed rapidly in recent years. Based on data from GfK in July 2011, the total market share for smart Android handled and tablets at around 179 000 units per month or a quarter of the total smartphone and feature phone. Android Market trends also increased from 8 percent in the first quarter to 16 percent in the second quarter of 2011.

These positive developments open up opportunities for Indonesia to application developers can create. For that, the Acer organized Acer HackDay, an event to the application developers to create a prototype that is able to work well and Honeycomb-based Android operating system.

"Acer is committed to developing the creative community in Asia country and cultivate innovation in this sector," said Country Manager, President Director of PT Acer Indonesia, Jason Lim, in Jakarta, Friday, September 23, 2011.

Andoid Honeycomb is a version of Android-based platform that is optimized for devices with larger screens, especially tablets. Android introduces the most recent appearance, with design virtual 'holographic' that is also elegant and focus on the interaction content. Meanwhile, Acer Iconia is the first PC operating system to adopt it.

Although local competition, the work of the participants will be placed on the Android Market. "The work they put in there, so it's up there, it could be used abroad," said Head of Marketing Communications Acer Indonesia, Helmy Anam competition between Acer Honeycomb.

Helmy added, the purpose of this competition to find new talent in the development of Android applications Honeycomb. Then, if the follow-up later?

He stressed, the focus is currently used to grow the potential, to the next, it has not thought that far ahead. "We want to see it once was, we do not limit," he added.

Competition segment is a segment of entertainment. Acer targets of this competition is to eliminate barriers in the use of computers or PCs, even more so when the momentum of the explosion of social media.

The competition was attended by 20 participants who previously qualified more than 100 potential participants. Participants were given 24 hours to create the best applications. This program is part of Acer's corporate responsibility to facilitate the online community. Previously, Acer had done for the technological competition among teachers.
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