Instagram officially on Android

Instagram photography application
Instagram application

Since 18 months ago, Instagram comes exclusively to the iPhone, but now all changed. Photography application of the much loved is now officially landed on Android.

As quoted from PC World, Instagram allows users to take pictures with various filters, and share photographs to various places, including Instagram social networking.

This photography application takes approximately 17MB of storage space, so be careful if you have little memory space remaining. Also, do not forget to check the Android version you use. Instagram for Android can be used only for Android 2.2 and above.

Claimed in Instagram blog, has been around more than 30 million people who join and share photos through Apple IOS device. It also claimed that the application for the Android is similar to its iPhone version.

"We try to imagine what would happen if everyone could share the world around them through a camera phone. With the release of Instagram for Android, we are one step closer to that goal," writes the blog Instagram.
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