Nokia Lumia phone request has been strengthened

Nokia Lumia
Nokia Lumia

Now, Nokia facing a struggle to major markets in United States of America. Nokia has withered ever achieve dominance only 1 percent of the smartphone market. AT & T has sold Nokia Lumia 900 in two weeks and said the initial request has been strengthened.

The AT & T operator said the Nokia Lumia phone is sleek and neon color is too expensive for a product that is not innovative. This phone has shortcomings mentioned in the marketing strategy and problems in the picture caused by disturbances in battery and software on the model initially.

Skeptics think Nokia made a big gamble a year ago to put the software Microsoft Windows Phone on the smartphone is too far to restore the capital with advantage.

"No one comes to the store and ask for Windows Phone," said an executive in charge of mobile devices in European operator who has sold Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 since December last year.

Nokia tried to chase after the smartphone previously successful and damaging the image of the premium market.

Lumia phone
Lumia phone

"Nokia has received a double challenge: to restore their credibility in the manufacture of smartphone hardware and managed with Microsoft Windows operating system, which lagged the market," said the executive.

According to him, Microsoft's software works well with PC and lets you to do various things interesting although few consumers know this.

"If Nokia Lumia with the same hardware comes with Android on it and not Windows, it's easier to sell," said the executive operator.

Investment services firm, Moody's cut its credit rating Nokia to a level on Monday after the company was recorded a loss for the first and second quarter. Standard & Poor announced a downgrade of the same in March. In fact, Nokia's share has fallen below the 3 euro, its lowest level for 15 years.

Alternative devices
Operators want an alternative to Apple and Android. Not only to offer customers more choices, but also provides a stronger bargaining position with mobile phone manufacturer.

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 900

According to market researcher Gartner and PBernstein Research, United States carriers buy about 90 percent of mobile phones, while Europeans buy 50-70 percent. The operator then sell it discount rates and get back the money through a contract 1-2 years.

"It is great for the operator if it can reduce the dominance Apple," a spokesman for other telecommunications operators who requested anonymity.

Nokia tried to take advantage of the proximity of its relationship with the operator and exploit their aggravation with the dominance of Apple and Google's bandwidth-hungry services such as YouTube in hopes of encouraging the sale of their mobile phones on the market.

France Telecom shop in Paris, France, model Nokia Lumia not prominently displayed and the sales clerk quickly to offer consumers the first iPhone. He then offers a variety of Android smartphone made by Samsung and HTC.

Various reaction
Some Nokia Lumia reviews on technology blogs more various. Some like the look of intelligent design-inspired Windows, while others show the poor quality of the screen and battery. In fact, some commentators have suggested the user must remove the iPhone or Android to buy a new Nokia.

Make customers switch to mobile phones is more difficult in economic matters application. Users buy games, media publications, and video on mobile phones and do not want to lose by switching the system.

Last week, Nokia announced a profit to fall in short of analysts estimates. Nokia said they had sold smartphone Lumia more than 2 million in the quarter ended in March. This number rose 1 million in November to January. Analysts expect sales of 3 million.
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