Panasonic announced microP2 memory cards

panasonic microP2

To continuing the evolution of recording media with economical and high speed, recently Panasonic announced a new series of memory cards, microP2. This memory card has the form of SD cards for economical recording media. Simultaneous introduction Adaptor Card microP2 ensure that the new series of micro card P2 64GB and 32GB will be operational at this time.

P2 is a product made by Panasonic that offers a memory card as recording media for DVCPRO HD video.

As quoted from Engadget, microP2 card certainly has a high transfer speed, high reliability, assurance process data of all the P2 frame rate, format and codec. Then as the latest Panasonic compression platform, this memory card can go up to the mode-intra200 AVC_ULTRA is available in 2013.

Continuing flexibility of the adapter microP2 card, this design allows the class of 10 or high-quality SD card (at bit rate up to 50Mbps) used in product P2 in extreme situations.

panasonic memory cards
panasonic memory cards
"Solid-state recording format introduced almost a decade ago and Panasonic continue to make P2 improvements," said John Baisley, Executive Vice President of Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA). "The development of microP2 cards bring additional innovation to the owners of the product P2 which amounted to more than 250 thousand over the world," he concluded.

Memory cards Panasonic P2 solid-state certainly has a very powerful video capability, audio, and metadata recording, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature, shock and vibration.

P2 memory cards allow professional users to benefit from a quick, easy workflow, file-based and outstanding reliability. The product line microP2 and microP2 adapter card will be available in spring 2013.
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