Intel release Haswell processor in 2013

Haswell processor

Recently, Intel announced its latest generation processor with code named Haswell. This generation processor scheduled for release in 2013 is based on the Intel Ivy Bridge.

According to a report obtained earlier, Intel will release the Haswell processor chip gradually. The first chip comes with a part of product line Core i7 and Core i5. This Haswell processors using 22 nanometer process technology that is rumored to launch in March 2013.

Not only the Core i7 and Core i5, for a low-end, Intel will launch Core i3 is expected to glide to the end of next year. Haswell processor is claimed by Intel as a processor with a new architecture using 22 nanometer manufacturing process technology.

Intel also plans to divide products into two distinct groups. The first group will include support for the processor device for Desktop and Notebook while the second group will be specified to support the ultrabook.

For the Desktop Central Processing Unit, the processor will feature two of the four core processes with the Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 35, 45, 65 and 95 watts, and also features dual-channel memory controller and the GT2 or GT1 DDR3/DDR3L the integrated graphics core.

In addition, Haswell processors will also support DirectX 11.1 application programming interface (API), as well as an increase in the series and AVX2 Inter Process Communication (IPC) to supplement the single thread performance on the computer.
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