New ipad heat rapidly problem

New iPad
New iPad

Hot gadget The New iPad enthusiastically welcomed by the lovers of Apple products, with a snaking line on the first day of sales. However, enthusiasm for Apple's new tablet is also accompanied by problems: New iPad heat rapidly or overheating.

A few days since Apple sells the new iPad in several countries, a number of posts on Internet forums that many are complaining about heat rapidly problem. The users feel uncomfortable with their new iPad heat faster.

The news about the New iPad overheating is not the only place in latest Apple tablet only. iPad series previously known to have the same problem. However, analysts feel that the new iPad is like summarizing all the previous issues, with a distinctive interior.

New iPad is equipped with a larger battery than its predecessor. Not just the battery, the new iPad is also equipped with a chip A5X, which is said to have better performance than the A5 in the iPad 2.

These two factors are considered strong enough to make New iPad to be more heat faster than the previous series.

New iPad overheating
New iPad overheating

Interestingly, in a number of forum posts on New iPad, many users have complained about the fast heat in the lower left corner, while the iPad is held in portrait orientation or a standing position.

In addition, there are also cases when the New iPad it is turned off, then a message pop up that says, "iPad needs to cool down". At least once a message is coming at the time of consumption used in the sun.

This is not no surprise, because the gadgets like the iPad and iPhone does not have the fan on the inside. In addition, the operating temperature range for the New iPad is between 32° F to 95° Fahrenheit (about 0° Celcius to 35 °C).

It seems Apple has been aware of overheating problem. There have been reports of Apple staff who confirmed that the new iPad is getting hotter than the previous iPad because the larger battery size.

However, New iPad users need not worry, at least one person has reported that Apple Stores have changed iPad easily, when he complained about this overheating problem.
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