Predictions of Technology Industry in 2012

Siri phone
Siri phone

In 2011 the technology industry with a crowded place, ranging from combat operating systems, smartphones to tablets. But, this time many are predicting about the sustainability of the technology industry throughout 2012.

Reporting from VentureBeat, (January 04, 2012), here are some predictions of the technology industry that will take place in 2012.

- Social Media more slow: The fact is the growing use of social media has started to slow down, even the later decline could have happened to Foursquare and Facebook. Silicon Valley is considered very obsessed with social media and the investor also has funded hundreds of start-up with billions of dollars to technology industry.

- Flood Tablet $100: Kindle Fire may have been the first to start the tablets at a price of USD199, but the possibility of a new generation of Android tablets at a price of $100 or maybe less than that price. Manufacturer tablets have no financial incentive to make that are too cheap, because profits will shrink along with prices.

Later, after having the range of USD100 device, the operator could subsidize a data plan, as has been done for years and knowledge on the smartphone.

- Competitor Emerges Siri: Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs with iPhone, iPod and Ipad his phenomenal, re-do her magic with Siri.

cloud computing
cloud computing

Siri came up with better at handling complex queries than what is on the smartphone, and getting better with every software upgrade. Apple reportedly also will embed this technology in new devices such as Apple TV, and possibly later also on the iPad and iMac.

This may open opportunities for the application or other device for the sound revolution. Then the type of voice capabilities that seen in 'Star Trek', will start to become reality.

- Cloud will flood: Cloud computing will accelerate the ability to secure the system. The company will more quickly move important data and information to the server on the web. Cloud computing provides significant cost savings and operational benefits.

So with some of these predictions of technology industry in 2012, no doubt the technology will become more interesting again this year.
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