iPad mini unrivaled Kindle Fire

iPad mini
iPad mini

This month, iPad 3 be a tablet that is currently the most anticipated and is often discussed on the internet. But, Apple has distributed invitations will hold a special event, thought to be the inaugural introduction event iPad latest version.

Conversations on the Internet are now beginning to switch to iPad mini. This is an iPad in version 7.85 inch, or smaller than the size of the iPad is already available, 9.7 inch.

The news about the iPad Mini is back in circulation after the page-based technology in Taiwan, DigiTimes says 7.85 inch iPad production will begin in the third quarter of this year. DigiTimes cites sources who knew about the internal production of iPad 3.

The report also mentions the price of mini iPad will be far cheaper than the price iPad 2. iPad mini will be priced around U.S. $ 249 - U.S. $ 299, while the cheapest iPad 2 to U.S. $ 499.

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire

Apple is reportedly preparing iPad mini after the tablet was unrivaled in the presence of Amazon, Kindle Fire, which is a 7 inch and less valuable. Apple called distressed by the successful start selling Kindle Fire.

The issue of this iPad mini circulated a few days after Amazon Kindle Fire exhibit sales success, in the last week of December. Amazon claims to have sold a million Kindle within a week for three weeks. Among the Kindle family, Kindle Fire is the most popular.

In fact, Kindle Fire has been the best selling products in Amazon since it was introduced in September. Kindle Fire cheapness was seen as a modifier in the rhythm of competition in the tablet market.

In addition, DigiTimes sources have said that the current manufacturing makers are likely to begin production of 7.85 inch tablet at the end of the second quarter of 2012.
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