Computer market around 6 percent

computer market
computer market

Recently, Chairman of the Computer Association, Andoko revealed that the computer market today is still around 6 percent, the amount is not just in the big city.

"Computer users today is still less than the existing population. PC users are still 6 percent. Not much indeed," said Andoko as quoted from okezone.

According Andoko, the prospect of the computer market is quite broad. Because it is still 6 percent that use, then the use of IT must be more encouraged. IT literate so that could be realized in all sectors of society. "We should not be left behind in the pursuit of progress, just because we are IT literate," he said.

Andoko opinion, netbook now is the most widely, then the note book. "Because it costs more affordable netbook. Now controls 60% market share," he said.

However, according Andoko the market now began to come into use tablet. Generally, those who already have a notebook or netbook also buy tablet. "Yes, but use of the tablet is more directed at lifestyle," he said. And this time, computer market more less.
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