Norton mobile security for Samsung Galaxy series

Norton mobile security
Norton mobile security

Recently, Norton from Symantec announces the availability of mobile security for the Android operating system to a Samsung smartphone. Norton mobile security is also to be connected in a number of Samsung Galaxy series.

According to Norton, the smartphone has the potential to become a new target of cyber crime. Moreover, the current smartphone sales surpassed sales of Personal Computer.

"With sales of smart phones are now outselling PC, cyber criminals are creating new threats every day for stealing from phone users. Consumers should have more protection than ever before," said Janice Chaffin, group president, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec in a written statement.

Norton Mobile Security combines anti-theft features with a powerful antimalware to protect critical data owned by the user. Locate Remote features a smartphone capable of showing the location of the user, if lost or stolen.

Remote Lock feature allows the user to lock via the Internet or SMS from a remote phone when lost or stolen. The Remote Wipe allows to erase the data on your mobile via SMS.

mobile security
mobile security

In addition, the phone also locked automatically if the SIM card was retrieved or replaced, so the phone can not use another SIM card.

Anti-malware feature scans all the files and update applications that are downloaded and automatically detects and eliminate security threats without slowing the phone.

To scan the memory card, SD Card Scanning gives the user the option to automatically scan the SD memory card (Secure Digital) of the current threats to mobile phone users to install. And the Automatic LiveUpdate feature is able to download and install security updates automatically.

Norton Mobile Security can be downloaded from the category of "Utility" in Samsung apps or by entering the keyword search "Norton Mobile Security" into the search on the Samsung Apps. Norton Mobile Security supports all smart phone Samsung Galaxy Android, including Samsung Galaxy S2.

The price of a license for one year was $14. Samsung will also offer a free 90 day subscription to Norton Mobile Security.

Windows 8 will release in October

Windows 8
Windows 8

Fresh news from Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 is designed to be ready this summer, and will be release into the market in October 2012.

Unlike many who have been rumored, Windows 8 will run on Intel chips and ARM architectures, and cancel the speculation that the ARM engine may experience delays.

As quoted from The Next Web, according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, only five ARM devices that will be ready, compared with approximately 40 devices that will run on Intel.

Windows 8 OS
Windows 8 OS

Microsoft said it would prepare for an event in April, where the company will allow its partners into the timing and strategy associated with the launch of Windows 8.

Windows 8 is a revolutionary experience of the classic Windows, by adding new capabilities and interface, and brings honor to the era of brand touch only in one fell swoop.

The Windows 8 new operating system that runs on the Personal Computer and can be optimized for the tablet is a great hope for Microsoft to challenge other operating systems. However, until now there has been no response from Microsoft related to this leak.

New iPad sold 3 million unit

New iPad
New iPad

This time, Apple announced record sales of New iPad when it launched last week on several countries. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook did not mention the selling points of this latest iPad products.

"(Apple) had record sales this weekend," said Tim Cook, when Apple's shareholder meeting, as quoted from TechCrunch.

Tim Cook did not mention numbers. However, on the official website, Apple then released the record sales figures of The New iPad.

"Apple today announced it has sold 3 million in the new iPad, since it was launched Friday, March 16 2012," writes Apple.

Apple also refer to this as the biggest launch of the iPad. "Consumers love the new features on the iPad, including Retina Display is amazing and we could not wait any longer to sell this to consumers around the world this Friday," said VP of Worldwide Marketing Apple, Philip Schiller.

Not only Apple, luck had come from the United States operator AT&T, which announced record sales of iPad.

"AT & T created a record turnover and activation iPad a day. Shows the number of new iPad demand for the country with the largest 4G network, which includes nearly 250 million people," wrote AT&T in a statement.

After the release of New iPad in 10 countries, Apple also plans to release this Friday in a number of countries. The countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia , Sweden and Spain.

New ipad heat rapidly problem

New iPad
New iPad

Hot gadget The New iPad enthusiastically welcomed by the lovers of Apple products, with a snaking line on the first day of sales. However, enthusiasm for Apple's new tablet is also accompanied by problems: New iPad heat rapidly or overheating.

A few days since Apple sells the new iPad in several countries, a number of posts on Internet forums that many are complaining about heat rapidly problem. The users feel uncomfortable with their new iPad heat faster.

The news about the New iPad overheating is not the only place in latest Apple tablet only. iPad series previously known to have the same problem. However, analysts feel that the new iPad is like summarizing all the previous issues, with a distinctive interior.

New iPad is equipped with a larger battery than its predecessor. Not just the battery, the new iPad is also equipped with a chip A5X, which is said to have better performance than the A5 in the iPad 2.

These two factors are considered strong enough to make New iPad to be more heat faster than the previous series.

New iPad overheating
New iPad overheating

Interestingly, in a number of forum posts on New iPad, many users have complained about the fast heat in the lower left corner, while the iPad is held in portrait orientation or a standing position.

In addition, there are also cases when the New iPad it is turned off, then a message pop up that says, "iPad needs to cool down". At least once a message is coming at the time of consumption used in the sun.

This is not no surprise, because the gadgets like the iPad and iPhone does not have the fan on the inside. In addition, the operating temperature range for the New iPad is between 32° F to 95° Fahrenheit (about 0° Celcius to 35 °C).

It seems Apple has been aware of overheating problem. There have been reports of Apple staff who confirmed that the new iPad is getting hotter than the previous iPad because the larger battery size.

However, New iPad users need not worry, at least one person has reported that Apple Stores have changed iPad easily, when he complained about this overheating problem.

Samsung Galaxy S III picture

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

News about Samsung Galaxy S III more widespread on techno blog, especially now appear picture is claimed to be the original form of the latest Galaxy smartphone. Appearance of Galaxy S III was leaked on the internet, that reportedly from a company Public Relations.

As quoted from Softpedia, the picture was reported from Weber Shandwick, which is the official PR agency for Samsung in various countries around the world. Slide the leak was also little chance that Samsung is ready to hold a series of 'shocks' on May 22 on the device.

If it's true, no longer means the device will soon appear at least two months old. Although some of the other rumors said Samsung will make an official announcement on March 22 is when the Angry Birds Space will be launched in the Galaxy Note.

Meanwhile it from the leaked Galaxy S III images, the Galaxy handset seems to have a touch screen display with a slim body. Previously, this smartphone is rumored to be equipped with quad-core processor, 4.8-inch display with HD resolution, 8MP camera, and a whole range of connectivity options which are usually found on high-end technology devices.

While the Samsung Galaxy S III second image reveals even more information on the design outside of the phone. Shown in the picture, there are dedicated camera key and the lock button on the right side, and the volume control on the left side of the phone. While at the front of the phone, equipped with a speaker and a secondary camera for making video calls.

Although the Galaxy S iii leaked picture is rumored as the successor of the Galaxy S II, but it remains to be substantiated by smartphone that Samsung launched later.

Intel release Haswell processor in 2013

Haswell processor

Recently, Intel announced its latest generation processor with code named Haswell. This generation processor scheduled for release in 2013 is based on the Intel Ivy Bridge.

According to a report obtained earlier, Intel will release the Haswell processor chip gradually. The first chip comes with a part of product line Core i7 and Core i5. This Haswell processors using 22 nanometer process technology that is rumored to launch in March 2013.

Not only the Core i7 and Core i5, for a low-end, Intel will launch Core i3 is expected to glide to the end of next year. Haswell processor is claimed by Intel as a processor with a new architecture using 22 nanometer manufacturing process technology.

Intel also plans to divide products into two distinct groups. The first group will include support for the processor device for Desktop and Notebook while the second group will be specified to support the ultrabook.

For the Desktop Central Processing Unit, the processor will feature two of the four core processes with the Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 35, 45, 65 and 95 watts, and also features dual-channel memory controller and the GT2 or GT1 DDR3/DDR3L the integrated graphics core.

In addition, Haswell processors will also support DirectX 11.1 application programming interface (API), as well as an increase in the series and AVX2 Inter Process Communication (IPC) to supplement the single thread performance on the computer.

Samsung Galaxy S III in production

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

This time, rumor of the Galaxy S III presence be discussion at From Eldar Murtazin, the Russian mobile blogger is twittering on Twitter that the Galaxy S III has been 'resolved' and ready to go in the stage production.

As quoted from IB Times, Murtazin also said that pre-orders for the latest Samsung mobile phones that will soon appear immediately, and will be the largest compared to other Galaxy brand phones. Murtazin statement that given the success achieved by Samsung with the Galaxy S II in the one year.

Meanwhile, Samsung is expected to release news, not to mention survive the extent of development of the Galaxy S III at this time. Although Samsung remained silent, rumors continued to blow hard on them that says that speculation in recent months, this phone is already assembled.

So far, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III was often heard in the predictions ranged from February to July 2012 and some time ago also there is mention that the phone will launch in April. But it has been denied by the Samsung and Samsung says it will reveal the launch of the Galaxy S III via Twitter.

The information was derived from the @samsungtomorrow "Please note: All known through press releases Galaxy S III (released April) is not true. There will be a specific launch date, we will tell you the first time through Twitter."

So, we can just waiting when Samsung Galaxy S III be release and officially launch, okay.

Sell iPad tablet computers increased

New iPad
New iPad

This time, iPad fever in different parts of the world lined up to welcome the sale of the latest New iPad. Even in Britain, ahead of its debut this third-generation Apple tablet and make tablet computer sales tripled.

From mobile commerce site, SellMyMobile said that the number of customers who sell their tablet computers has increased over 300 percent during the launch of the new iPad. Models are most often offered for sale are the 16GB iPad 2 with 3G and Wi-Fi.

Last week, eBay also said more than 16 thousand iPad has been listed for sale within two weeks before Apple's announcement about the sale of New iPad. This suggests that many are ready to upgrade to the latest iPad device.

Apple has sold more than 55 million iPad since first launched two years ago. Canaccord Genuity analysts said earlier this week that they expected the company to sell about 65 million iPad this year.

Selling Places
Dozens of people lined up overnight outside Apple retail store in London's Regent Street to be among the first to have a new iPad. The line was getting a lot before dawn.

Even one person offers for sale on eBay queue. "I took a place because it was unaware of the queue for latest Apple iPad. I do not need to queue position now because not a fan of Apple and therefore I sell my place," said the seller's place in line on its website.

New iPad announced by Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, in San Francisco last week, has a high resolution Retina Display which has four times as many pixels. In this tablet Apple also improve graphics performance and a better camera.

Apple is also adding LTE 4G connectivity, although it would not be an option for customers in the UK who do not have a 4G LTE network. However, this new iPad has improved 3G connectivity.

Analysts say Apple's rivals may be struggling to launch a rival product for several quarters.

"While Samsung seems to have the most competitive deals on Android tablet, we see Windows 8 as a long-term threat to greater advantage iPad than the tablet Android," said the analyst.

David Tarasenko first new iPad buyer

New iPad
New iPad

Today, New iPad officially on sale in some countries. Australia became the first country to sell this Apple products. And David Tarasenko is first people who buy new iPad.

As quoted from CNET pages, New iPad buyers in the Aussie country that are David Tarasenko, 34, manager of a construction company. He bought a white 64gb New iPad equipped with WiFi and 4G technologies. He also lined up at the Telstra shop, shop sellers New iPad official in George Street, Sydney. Telstra Store is open at midnight, eight hours before Apple Store opening.

Since smart devices announced Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tarashenko claim can not wait to have it. "When Cook announced, it sounded like a magic tool," he said.

DailyTelegraph reported, David Tarashenko transactions recorded Friday, March 16, 2012, at 00:01 morning two minutes earlier than the second buyer, at the store Big W, Sidney.

New iPad 3
New iPad 3

David Tarasenko can claim to have information on the internet sale of New iPad at midnight. "I'm here at 5:30. Sellers said, I am a first buyer. I am surprised," said Tarasenko.

"I am very excited and can not wait for the weekend to get around with this tool."

Not only Tarasenko, just for a new Apple product, thousands of people in 10 countries are willing to stand in line. Did not even hesitate to sleep outside the store while the store is not open yet.

A number of countries which started selling the new iPad, among others, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Germany, England, and Peurto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Sales officially began at 8:00 in the respective countries.

In the United States, new 16GB iPad price sold for U.S. $ 499, 32GB iPad sold for U.S. $ 599, and 64GB iPad valued U.S. $ 699. While the new iPad equipped with WiFi + 4G 16GB valued U.S. $ 629, U.S. $ 729 for 32GB, and U.S. $ 829 price for New iPad 64GB.

Internet Explorer 10 will available with Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 10

This time, browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 is available for Windows 7 in a limited version, but two new versions of IE (Internet Explorer) will be available when Windows 8 launch at 2012.

One version will be optimized for touch screens and tablets, while the other IE version will be optimized for a more conventional desktop. For the desktop version, which will have plug-ins that add functionality to web extra.

In the Telegraph page (March 15, 2012), Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows and Windows Live Division wrote in a blog that Windows 8, "IE 10 is designed to experience the Metro style is a new way of browsing and cutting-edge, where you are can really focus on the information you find want rather than focus just browsing."

"At the same time Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) also provides all the security and control that you normally use, such as tabs, keyboard shortcuts, InPrivate browsing, and more browsing tools again," he added.

IE 10
IE 10

While Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer, "We built this experience by extending the underlying architecture of IE, so it can provide a fast browsing engine, the speed of the hardware is fully supported with strong security, support for HTML5 and other web standards."

IE 10 Metro version will allow the website to be pinned to the homescreen, which looks like a Windows Phone homescreen.

Adopting an approach similar to Google's Chrome browser, Internet Explorer 10 will use the tiles to view your favorite web sites and sites most often used, such as

Xperia Sola with floating touch technology

Xperia Sola
Xperia Sola

This time Sony Mobile Communications introduces the latest innovation in a series Xperia phone, Xperia Sola. Innovation that brought the floating touch technology, which lets users browse web pages simply lifted fingers on the screen, without a single touch.

"Xperia Sola comes with a Sony power that provides a fun new way in web search," said Calum MacDougall, Head of Marketing Xperia Sony Mobile Communications in a statement.

To facilitate the activity, Xperia Sola is also supported by the Near Field Communication, a technological SmartTags. By touching the Android smartphone NFC and SmartTag, two SmartTag attached Xperia Sola can be personalized with up to 10 commands. One SmartTag placed in the living room to turn on WiFi and other needs, another one can be put in the bedroom to turn on the alarm.

For entertainment, Xperia Sola comes with Reality Display technology generated by the Mobile Bravia screen technology, xLoud and 3D audio technology that produces a sharp sound.

Powered 1GHz dual core processor, smartphone which runs Android Gingerbread also comes with Fast Capture feature that allows the camera to take pictures in the standby mode simply by pressing a button.

Phone users can also watch the latest Hollywood box office film in a Unlimited video with limited services available. Sony Xperia Sola can also be upgraded with Android Ice Cream Sandwitch in middle 2012.

Microsoft universal translator

universal translator
universal translator

Recently, Microsoft makes a universal translator, who can change the speech in English to 26 different languages​​ and talk to the voice users, so cool.

The translator software created by Frank Soong and Rick Rashid, who worked at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. With the translate software, users have to do just talk to the device and will immediately change it.

Hopefully with these devices, will one day allow visitors to foreign countries to have a conversation with another person, even if they do not speak the same language.

"We will be able to do some application scenarios. For speakers of the language who was traveling in a foreign country, we will do the voice recognition is followed by a translation, followed by a final text that came out in different languages​​, but still the voice users," said Frank Soong.

The device requires approximately one hour to be familiar with one voice, and works by comparing the words that have been noted to be translated into the target language.

This translation technology has been designed in such a way that not only translate the words, which will issue a computerized voice and broken. Instead the sound was carefully manipulated to mimic the speakers as realistic as possible.
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