Wallit apllication that combines Foursquare, Facebook and Instant Messaging

wallit application
wallit application

Foursquare application will get a serious challenge from Wallit. Wallit could say is an application that combines Foursquare, Facebook and Instant Messaging.

Wallit is an ambitious application for IOS. Its wanted to be part of Foursquare, part Facebook, part instant messaging, and the augmented reality. This application allows users to make posts on the "Wall" of a stadium or other location, but only if the user is in that location.

As quoted by Slash Gear, (March 07, 2012), the way it works is very interesting, the user does not pick up iPhone and directs the camera to share location in the sports arena, for example. Then you'll see postings and comment made ​​by other users who were there.

"We are trying to socialize augmented reality experience. With locations in the center of our system, plus a natural extension of augmented reality," explained CEO Wailit, Vesyel Berk.

Basically, it's like Foursquare, but with the social aspects were taken to a much greater degree. Foursquare lets users 'bragged' about where their friends in other places, while Wallit application want to show where you are, for others who are in the same place.

The company says it has created a virtual wall in places throughout New York City, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Ontario and Paris, and continues to build others around the world.

Google prepare Android Key Lime Pie?

Android Key Lime Pie
Android Key Lime Pie

Recently, Google has launched the Android version 4.0, also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich. Presence of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was welcome, since Google introduced it's first time on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Although Ice Cream Sandwich operating system for Android is still new, and waiting to be operated in a number of devices, but Google is rumored to prepare the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. version of Jelly Bean attendance for complete lack of ICS.

But Google does not stop there. Now, Google is also reportedly preparing new versions after the Android Jelly Bean. The latest version of this set will be called, Android Key Lime Pie.

Android Jelly Bean
Android Jelly Bean

As quoted from CNet page, giving the codename of Key Lime Pie was chosen as a series of menus of delicious desserts. Google seems to make a plan to expand the Android menu.

According to sources from the pages of The Verge, there is no indication of when the new operating system that will be raised. Source of The Verge is also does not mention the version number, whether Key Lime Pie will be Android 6.0 or not.

Key Lime Pie codename continue the tradition of giving names to Google in Android by adopting an alphabetic desserts.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Version that is Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo (Frozen Yogurt), Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Key Lime Pie.

Although Android Ice Cream Sandwitch applies only to the mobile, Jelly Bean to be released later this year, is expected to be optimal for the tablet. Jelly Bean version also allows the vendor to add the Android 5.0 to Windows 8 based tablet or notebook. This allows the user to switch between operating systems without having to start from the computer.

This rumor will happen in 2013, given the current Google slow down the Android update in the last few versions. Till now, representatives from Google has not commented further related news.

Samsung Galaxy S iii will be launched in UK?

Samsung Galaxy S iii
Samsung Galaxy S iii

Since 2011, rumors of the appearance of the samsung Galaxy S iii has been blowing, even at Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC) there is no appearance of the mobile phone. Now, have claimed that this Samsung smartphone, will be launched in the United Kingdom in April.

Samsung new handset will replace Galaxy S ii, which is widely known as leading Andoird smartphone. ZDNet Korea claims it has confirmed the launch of mobile phones in Samsung's ad agency.

Samsung Galaxy S iii features is not yet officially released, but the other technology blog, Boy Genius Report already posted this phone has a quad-core 1.5 GHz, 4.8-inch screen and a 2MP camera to the front, and rear-facing 8MP camera. Meanwhile, according to BGR, this handset will run the operating system Android 4.0.

Galaxy S ii made ​​by South Korean vendors are really success in gadget market, even more with fun marketing campaigns.

Previously, many think Samsung will reveal the shape of the Galaxy S iii at Mobile World Congress, but the company issued a shortly statement before the event that no handset is in the arena of mobile technology.

"The successor to smartphone Galaxy S ii will be unveiled at a Samsung event apart in the first half of this year, closer to product availability," wrote the Samsung in the statement, as quoted from Telegrah, March 04, 2012).

OnLive desktop application for Android users

OnLive desktop application
OnLive desktop application

The fact, OnLive desktop application was first launched in several month ago, and offering iPad users a remote access to full version of Windows 7, including its Microsoft Office. But how for android users?

Now, android tablet users can experience OnLive desktop application, which enjoys Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Adobe Reader. As quoted from TechRadar, (March 02, 2012).

The service also promises to speed web-enhanced with a cloud to gigabit levels, resulting in accelerated cloud that cut off the connection when loading web pages and streaming speeds, such as the use of any WiFi speeds.

OnLive Desktop application is now available in Android Market United States for free, and there are also a number of versions that can be adjusted to your budget.

OnLive Desktop Standard can be obtained free of charge, Desktop Plus priced at USD4.99 per month, then Desktop Pro will be released at a price of USD9,99 plus 50GB of storage space in the cloud. For large businesses will also have its enterprise OnLive desktop version.

iPad 3 without Home Button

iPad 3
iPad 3

Before launch of the iPad 3 invitation to the date of March 7, which is spread by Apple to a number of journalists in United States, expose the shocking rumor.

Rumor says that the third generation iPad (iPad 3) will be present without the 'Home Button' is iconic. When that happens, then the iPad 3 will be the first iDevice which eliminates the typical button. This as quoted from Cnet,( March03, 2012).

Indeed, on March 7 that is expected to be the launch of the iPad 3, Apple held an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in San Francisco.

The invitation featured a picture of a finger touches the calendar dated March 7, on the surface of the touch screen iPad. The writing says, "We've got something you want see and touch."

Some iPad observers argue that the touch screen is in invitation image has higher resolution than existing models of iPad.

Previous news stated that a leaked document revealed iPad 3 is ready to leave the factory Foxconn, place of manufacture in China, to the United States.

Windows 8 downloaded I million times

Windows 8
Windows 8

Not long time, Windows 8 version Consumer Preview has received great attention from the internet user. The proof, the Microsoft operating system has been downloaded more 1 million times.

"Less than one day, a million times downloaded for the Consumer Preview," wrote the official account of Windows, as quoted from Cnet, (March 03, 2012).

"This is the best even better Windows than Windows 7," said President of Windows and Windows Live Steven Sinofsky Division.

download windows 8
download windows 8

Anyone can download the latest version of Windwos 8 at preview.windows.com, but Microsoft revealed that only works on PCs and laptops running Intel Corp x86 chips.

So that consumers have to be patient for a while to can taste the full experience on ARM is compatible with tablet.

The beta version of Windows 8 also includes email, calendar and messaging applications but there is no presence of the Office program that is part of Microsoft's dominant in job applications. But Sinofsky said earlier this month will be included in the version of Office for Windows 8 to tablet.

Latest Windows 8 can be download

windows 8
windows 8

On the greatest event of mobile phone technology, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, seems to put to good use by Microsoft. The company has released a version of Consumer Preview of Windows 8, though not its final version

Previously Microsoft is rumored to have chosen Barcelona as a place to express what is referred to as the 'Consumer Preview', namely the launch of Windows 8 and all indications said it would present some significant changes.

"This is the best even better Windows than Windows 7," said Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows and Windows Live Division, as quoted from Reuters, (March 01, 2012).

Windwos 7, a Microsoft operating system that has the fastest selling record with 525 million was sold within three years. Success with Windows, but Microsoft admitted that it had been left out of the 'invasion' companies like Apple, Google and Amazon to mobile computing.

microsoft windows 8
microsoft windows 8

Yet Microsoft still praising this Windows 8. "It (Windows 8) is very fast and smooth to navigate the user interface," said Sinofsky while showing off Windows 8 on the tablet and laptop ultra thin.

Anyone can download the latest version of Windwos 8, but Microsoft revealed that only works on PCs and laptops running Intel Corp x86 chips. So that consumers have to be patient for a while so can taste the full experience on ARM compatible tablet.

Although newly launched, but said Sinofsky people from 70 countries have downloaded the software.

windows 8 version
windows 8 version

Because there is currently compatible with all devices, but Microsoft wants Windows 8 could run on ARM and Intel platforms at the same time, as has been marketed. But now Microsoft has not determined when it will launch the latest operating system to the market.

The beta version of Windows 8 also includes email, calendar and messaging applications but there is no presence of the Office program that is part of Microsoft's dominant in job applications. But Sinofsky said earlier this month the version of Office will be included in Windows 8 for tablet. The latest Windows 8 can be downloaded at preview.windows.com and Happy surfing !

AMD bought SeaMicro microserver company


Recently, Advanced Micro Devices announced that it has purchased the company microserver SeaMicro. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) bought the microserver company for USD334 million to accelerate server technology based on cloud computing systems.

As quoted from CRN, the processor manufacturer will use SeaMicro server technology to make it the leading industry is capable of handling the work load in dynamic web content and social networking.

Rory Read as CEO of AMD said the acquisition as a reaction to the increased use of cloud computing systems to reduce power consumption and cost in the current data center

"We're sliding (skating) to where the puck (cloud) are" he said.


AMD says that Opteron server technology is combined with SeaMicro will result in power consumption and low processor server helps reduce cost and complexity. SeaMicro can give a boost the overall performance. Meanwhile, AMD also plans to launch its first Opteron processor with AMD fusion and SeaMicro in the second half of 2012.

"SeaMicro specifically to reduce server power consumption, while improving the performance of computing and bandwidth" said Andrew Feldman, CEO of SeaMicro.

"By being part of AMD, we will have access to new markets, resources, technology, and scale that will give us the opportunity to work more closely with partner OEM (Original equipment manufacturer)" he explained.

Galaxy S II as Smartphone of the Year in Mobile World Congress 2012

Techno event of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2012 has finally officially been closed. One of the most prestigious gadgets show in the world is to select some of the best products. Who's best gadget 2012?

In 2012 seems to still be owned by Samsung, because the South Korean vendors had won two of the four awards that are important in the Mobile World Congress 2012. Award win by Samsung, is the smartphone of the year which was won by the Galaxy S II, and Samsung a Device Manufacturer of the Year.

As quoted from GSM Arena, (March 01, 2012), Nokia entertained by the award obtained through the Nokia C3 snatch category Feature Phone of The Year. This is at least sufficient to cure the disappointment after Nokia Lumia 800 failing to get category as the best phone.

While the category of Best Mobile App for Consumers given to the Rovio (which seems to be the favorite when they won the GSMA jury last year also) for Angry Birds Rio.

Google gets the award for Google Maps as a Mobile Service to Consumers of the Year award and SwiftKey won Most Innovative Mobile App.

iPad mini unrivaled Kindle Fire

iPad mini
iPad mini

This month, iPad 3 be a tablet that is currently the most anticipated and is often discussed on the internet. But, Apple has distributed invitations will hold a special event, thought to be the inaugural introduction event iPad latest version.

Conversations on the Internet are now beginning to switch to iPad mini. This is an iPad in version 7.85 inch, or smaller than the size of the iPad is already available, 9.7 inch.

The news about the iPad Mini is back in circulation after the page-based technology in Taiwan, DigiTimes says 7.85 inch iPad production will begin in the third quarter of this year. DigiTimes cites sources who knew about the internal production of iPad 3.

The report also mentions the price of mini iPad will be far cheaper than the price iPad 2. iPad mini will be priced around U.S. $ 249 - U.S. $ 299, while the cheapest iPad 2 to U.S. $ 499.

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire

Apple is reportedly preparing iPad mini after the tablet was unrivaled in the presence of Amazon, Kindle Fire, which is a 7 inch and less valuable. Apple called distressed by the successful start selling Kindle Fire.

The issue of this iPad mini circulated a few days after Amazon Kindle Fire exhibit sales success, in the last week of December. Amazon claims to have sold a million Kindle within a week for three weeks. Among the Kindle family, Kindle Fire is the most popular.

In fact, Kindle Fire has been the best selling products in Amazon since it was introduced in September. Kindle Fire cheapness was seen as a modifier in the rhythm of competition in the tablet market.

In addition, DigiTimes sources have said that the current manufacturing makers are likely to begin production of 7.85 inch tablet at the end of the second quarter of 2012.

iPad 3 will launch

iPad 3
iPad 3
New gadget device iPad 3 launch on March 2012 seem more obvious. Recently, Apple has distributed invitations to attend events related to the iPad, in San Francisco, United States.

As quoted from CIO (February 29, 2012), on March 7 that is expected to be the launch of the iPad 3, Apple held an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in San Francisco.

Invitation featured a picture of a finger touches the calendar dated March 7, on the surface of the touch screen iPad. The writing says, "We have something you really have to see. And touch."

Some iPad observers argue that the touch screen in invitation image has higher resolution than existing iPad models.

Previous news stated that a leaked document revealed iPad 3 is ready to leave the factory Foxconn, place of iPad manufacture in China, to the United States.

iPad 3 release
iPad 3 release

This claim is derived from Apple Pro blog also get information about the document delivery Apple's latest tablet. Expressions iPad 3 will arrive in the United States no later than next March 9, two days after the date of the launch, which reportedly on March 7.

Regarding specification, recent rumors mentioned that iPad 3 will provide a far more majestic appearance with Retina Display, A5X processor or faster A6 and support LTE and a camera that has a larger sensor.

Previously also has many new iPad photos are outstanding and have not been able to confirm Apple. The photos, according to Mashable looks similar to the ipad 2. But Apple Daily reported that the iPad 3 will have a quad-core A6 processor has the capability and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

So with the additional features later on this tablet, it looks like fans of Apple products have to be willing to spend more. Speculation says, the basic price of iPad 3 be USD579 would eventually USD499 instead of the user who is currently paid for the iPad 2 16 GB.
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